Strategy and branding for house record label






Upcoming house label

ANREC is the new label of the talented House DJ Attek. Appearing on international house and techno festivals and top charts in Spotify. Both as a producer and DJ. Tracks of ANREC are listened over 100.000 times.

Brand strategy

Since the start of the label in early 2017 I created the brand strategy. The past years I created multiple album covers, animations, posters, flyers and 3D renders. My work varied from classic graphic design to market research. The result is perfect blend between commercial and underground visuals. The artwork is mostly used on Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music and Soundcloud.

3D Rendering artwork

For the upcoming release of the song 'Chemistry' I created a 3D render of a pill, symbolizing the merge of underground and commercial house music. The refracturing of the glass was made possible by an extensive node-based render scene in Blender.

Processing Artwork

For the release of the song 'Keep the Family Close' I applied Processing filters on the images with custom writting Java code. Later these movements were used in live shows as background animations

Recurring Spotify playlists

On request of Spotify, ANREC curated eacht month a custom playlist 'Underground Deep House'. I created a design system that was part of the ANREC brand scheme, yet unique for the standalone Spotify artworks.

Brutalist inspired artwork

During my time in Tel Aviv, I continued working for ANREC. At that time I became inspired by the brutalist architecture in the Israeli city. This is visible in the design from that period.

First artwork release

The EP 'Walk in the Park' was the first release in our collaboration. We defined the typography back in 2017 and are still variating within the chosen font family.