Strategy and branding for house record label

ANREC & Attek

Strategy and branding for house record label

Upcoming house label

ANREC is the new label of the talented House DJ Attek. Appearing on international house and techno festivals and top charts in Spotify. Both as a producer and DJ. Tracks of ANREC are listened over 100.000 times.

Brand strategy

Since the start of the label in early 2017 I created the brand strategy. The past years I created multiple album covers, animations, posters, flyers and 3D renders. My work varied from classic graphic design to market research. The result is perfect blend between commercial and underground visuals. The artwork is mostly used on Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music and Soundcloud.

3D Rendering artwork
Processing Artwork
Recurring Spotify playlists
Brutalist inspired artwork
First artwork release