DAV Foundation

The open mobility platform that decentralizes shared mobility

Open source

Creating open source applications for the future of autonomous transportation based on blockchain. Part of the R&D team in Tel Aviv. Merging UI/UX Design and a Frontend Engineering. Working with React.js and React Native.

Open source ride hailing application

When I joined DAV Foundation, I redesigned the existing application by making incremental iterations.

Design System

To improve the development workflow I created a Design System where we could define global styles and rules. This component-based thinking created a smoother transition from design to code.

Improved Wireflow

After intense testing and user validation, we created an improved Wireflow. By removing unnecessary actions, the User Experience was enhanced.

New visual identity

With a new application comes a new identity. The previous DAV identity was in line with our future customers. So we redesigned the brand.

Student visit from Denmark

In 2016 I had the opportunity to join the study Innovation & Entrepreneurship for a field trip to Tel Aviv. Two years later, a group of students from Denmark visit DAV Foundation in Tel Aviv. This time I did the lecture together with the CTO, Tal Ater.