Fighting incorrect medical data with Blockchain and RFID Implants

Fides Health

Fighting incorrect medical data with Blockchain and RFID Implants


During my bachelor thesis at CMD Amsterdam, I've redesigned the Dutch healthcare information system. The six months action-oriented research resulted in the prototype 'Fides', created to have world-wide truthful electronic health records without endangering patients' privacy. Powered by Blockchain, secured by NFC Implants and accessed through multiple fluid interfaces. Your body, your data.


The World Health Organization found out that administrative errors account for up to half of all medical errors in primary healthcare. Electronic health records are an approach to solve this problem.

Unfortunately, in the Netherlands, there is no scalable solution for sharing, managing and storing personal Electronic Health Records. I believe user-centered information technology can solve this problem.

Self-proclaimed UX design methodology

Design for tomorrow, test today — A self-proclaimed UX design methodology to connect humans and emerging technology with testable prototypes. While conducting this research, there was a need for a methodology A systematic way to tackle problems and shift to phases. Guidance to stay focused on the output without losing vision. In this case, a fitting UX process model could not be found. This sparked the idea to create a custom UX design process. By objectifying own processes and comparing them to proven models, a constant loop of self-reflection was created.

Sketching information systems

During the research process, paper sketching was invaluable for presenting concepts.

First concept: Implant Health Records

Power to the patient, implant the Electronic Health Records. Decentralize all the data. Give physical access to professionals. I pitched the idea to the second largest hospital in the Netherlands and were told the security risks were too high to start a pilot.

Problem validation

To grasp the full scope of the problem, I integrated multiple field research days at the hospital. The real-life interaction with the current software, patients, and doctors was valuable to understand the human aspect of the problem.

Dutch Decentralised eHealth Ecosystem

Not yet thinking of the feasibility of a concept. The most ideal situation is to design a complete Dutch eHealth ecosystem from the ground up. Shaping the unthinkable, we present the Dutch electronic health system of the future, including an acronym for the experts to discuss it. The Decentralized Health System (DHS) — The seamless connection between secured health data, through a decentralized network, accessed by the tools of modernity.

Decentralization through Blockchain

The peer-to-peer network verifies EMR requests between patients and healthcare providers

Fides: testable prototype - health data manager

Combing previous iterations, prototypes, and concepts. I created the health data manager application Fides. Power to the patient — health data manager* helps you answer these questions regarding your health data stored all over the Netherlands. Gain back controls.

Branding inspiration - SOS Talisman

The visual identity of the prototype is inspired by the 1970's SOS Talisman, an amulet made out of plated silver and contains a small folded paper with emergency data. In case of emergency, a first aid responder could open the necklace en see the data.